The main topic of the symposium is "Transboundary Surface Waters and Shared Aquifers". The following, specific topics will be developed in depth either for surface and groundwaters separately, or in combination. Papers will be presented and discussed in separate thematic workshops followed by plenary debates and exchanges of views on inter and trans-disciplinary approaches.

  • Common Monitoring Networks
  • Sharing Data and Information
  • Remote Sensing, Cooperative Modelling & Simulation
  • International Political Issues, Decision Making & Conflict Resolution
  • Negotiation Methodologies & Skills
  • Involving Stakeholders in Transboundary Areas
  • Institutional & Legal Issues
  • Transboundary Water Economics
  • Planning under Climate Change
  • EU Policy in Transboundary Water Issues
  • Education and Training, with an emphasis on shared aquifers
  • Case Studies (good practice)