List of Key Speakers


APPELGREN, Bo, Senior Consultant, UNESCO

Transboundary waters: a scarce, shared resource – economic valuation for enhanced comprehension and effective management

BONACCI, Ognjen, University of Split, Croatia

Challenges in transboundary karst water resources management

BURCHI, Stephan, FAO, Italy  

Reflections of international transboundary water law in national water legislation

DEL CASTILLO-LABORDE, Lilian, Buenos Aires University, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Argentina

Antarctic sub-glacial lakes and waters:  the challenge to protect a hidden resource

DONZIER, Jean Francois, International Network of Basin Organisations (INBO)

How can transboundary surface and groundwater resources be managed in a more sustainable manner by concerned riparian countries?

FRIED, Jean Fried, University of California, USA, Senior Consultant, UNESCO

Transboundary groundwater education or training: why, who, what?

GANOULIS, Jacques, UNESCO Chair INWEB / Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Recent advances in transboundary groundwater management in the Balkans (SEE)

GIONI, Gogo, Ministry of Development, Greece

Application of the integrated water resources management framework to transboundary river basins in Greece.

INTERWIES, Eduard, InterSus - Sustainability Services, Germany 

Assessing management regimes in transboundary river basins.  Do they support adaptive management?

KALLIA-ANTONIOU, Angeliki, National Centre for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Greece

The European policy for marine environment - the new directive on marine strategy

KHAN, Shahbaz, UNESCO IHP, France

Transboundary waters:  UNESCO IHP’s contribution to science and policy

KUKURIC, Neno, IGRAC, The Netherlands 

Towards a methodology for the assessment of internationally shared aquifers

MAKARIGAKIS, Alex, UNESCO Windhoek, Namibia

Transboundary groundwater management in Africa  

OLIVER, Jean Louis, The French Water Academy, France 

The French Water Academy’s commitment in transboundary water resources management

PENNEQUIN, Didier, BRGM, France 

Implementation of the Water Framework Directive concepts at the frontiers of Europe for transboundary water resources management: illusion or reality?


Progressive development of international groundwater law : awareness and cooperation

TUJCHNEIDER, Ofelia, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina 

Transboundary aquifer Yrenda – Toba – Tarijeño (Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay - South America): Ground water- surface water relations

VLACHOS, Evan, Colorado State University, USA

Potential climate changes and transboundary water interdependencies

WESTPHAL, Joseph, The New School, USA

Why borders matter: the challenges to managing groundwater across political boundaries

ZAVADSKY, Ivan,  International Waters, GEF Secretariat, USA 

GEF support for the Athens Declaration and Petersberg Process: toward improved transboundary water management and the fifth World Water Forum