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15th-17th March 2012, Cassis, France

The UNESCO Chair INWEB was present at a symposium on “Coastal Aquifers Management «organized by the French Chapter of IAH and held in Cassis, France, 15-17 March 2012.

This symposium aimed to present the state of knowledge on the operation, the methods of study and the protection and management of coastal aquifers.

The main topics were:


  • Characterization of aquifers (geometry, hydrodynamics, water quality)
  • Problems of invasion in salt or natural context of overexploitation and improving the quality of hydrosystems
  • Management and monitoring of the coastal aquifers
  • Management of aquifers on islands
  • Managing aquifers and sharing resources to meet various demands

A field trip was made in the vicinity of Cassis and Marseille to see an alluvial aquifer, a karst aquifer and a submarine karst spring (Port Miou).

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