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Inventory of Shared Aquifers in North Africa


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Found aquifers: 15
Aquifer Name
Boundary length (km)
Area (km^2)
1 Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System (NSAS)NubianEgypt / Libya / Sudan / Chad0828000
2 ErrachidiaSandstone, calcarous, dolomiteAlgeria / Marocco040000
3 North Western Sahara Aquifer System (NWSAS)Sand, Sandstone, sandy clay, calcarous, dolomiteAlgeria / Libya / Tunisia540670000
4 Tindouf Aquifer alternating series of calcareous rocks and sand Algeria / Marocco0330000
5 AngadData not available yetMarocco / Algeria0500
6 Izhazer IullemedenMali / Algeria00
7 MourzoukAlgeria / Libya / Nigeria00
8 Taoudeni_TanezrouftAlgeria / Mali / Mauritania00
9 Tin SeririneAlgeria / Nigeria00
10 FiguigPhreatic Aquifer, PorousAlgeria / Morocco0345
11 Ain Beni MatharKarstic, Dolomite Limestone and DolomiteAlgeria / Morocco010000
12 Chott Tigri-Lahouita Porous, Karst, Dolomite Limestone and SandstoneAlgeria / Morocco04400
13 TriffaPorous, Villafranchian and QuaternaryMorocco / Algeria0380
14 Jbel El HamraKarsticMorocco / Algeria0300
15 Djaffar DjeffaraLibya / Tunisia00