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5th-8th October 2011, Kalavrita, Greece

The 9th International Hydrogeological Congress will focus on the management of the aquatic environment and is hosted by the Hellenic Committee of Hydrogeology. The Congress is aimed at scientists, students, governmental officials and specialists dealing with groundwater and environment. Its main goal is the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience in terms of a sustainable aquatic environment.

The main topics of the Congress are:

  • Water bodies and ecosystems
  • Climate change and water bodies
  • Water quality and agriculture
  • Interaction of surface and ground waters
  • Karst hydrogeology
  • Continuous media hydrogeology
  • Hydrogeology of fissured Rocks
  • Hydrochemistry
  • Geothermy and thermal waters
  • The role of water in civil engineering projects
  • Hydrology