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20th-23rd September 2010, Prague, Czech Republic

This is the 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference to be held on Predictions for Hydrology, Ecology, and Water Resources Management: Changes and Hazards caused by Direct Human Interventions and Climate Change.

 The conference has three objectives: (1) To present models for describing hazardous processes and their impacts with a high spatio-temporal resolution. This would provide the basis for predictive tools and early warning systems in different environmental settings.

(2) To describe methods to discriminate among impacts originating from climate change and impacts caused by direct human interventions, such as deforestation, overexploitation of groundwater resources, land development, water abstraction from rivers and urbanization.

(3) to bring together experts from different disciplines such as geomorphologists, meteorologists, hydrologists, hydraulic engineers, forest managers, water resources engineers, regional and landscape planners, as well as experts from governmental institutions and from the insurance sector, to exchange experiences about the adaptation and mitigation of adverse effects.