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30th-31st July 2007, Cairo, Egypt.

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia is holding a workshop on "Evaluating and Adapting Existing Water Visions/Forecasts for Shared Aquifer Management in the MEDA Region" from 30th-31st July 2007 in Cairo, Egypt. The workshop is organised within the context of the inter-regional project on "Capacity building for the sustainable utilisation, management and protection of internatioinally shared groundwater in the Mediterannean region" . The workshop will address the issue of transfer and exchange know-how on various shared aquifer management issues and mechanisms, including the management of data on shared aquifers, by evaluating and adapting existing water visions/forecasts on shared aquifers to regional circumstances and developing a database on shared aquifers in the Mediterranean region. This latter task will be coordinated by INWEB.