Course on Geointelligence for Natural Resouces Evaluation and Sustainable Management Print

20th-24th November 2006, Paris, France.

This course aimed to open the minds of participants to the many facets of geo-data processing using the wealth of information available on the Internet with particular focus on Earth observation from space; developing a practical experience in ways of extracting useful knowledge regarding natural resources management using on-line software collaborative techniques; understanding the complexity of resources evaluation and ways of mediating the various conflicting management objectives and risks using multicriteria decision analysis. The course offered a clear understanding of the multidisciplinary issues involving the coupling between geo-imaging methods, the modeling of natural processes and the economic evaluation of resources. INWEB coordinator Prof. J. Ganoulis delivered lectures on “International efforts in sustainable water management. The case of the Balkans”, “Multicriteria decision analysis approach and its application to water management” and “Risks mediation in the Temenos dam project – Electre MCDA practice.