Changing Minds, Not the Climate: UNESCO celebrates Water and Climate Day 2015 at COP21, Dec 2015 Print

Water and Climate Day at COP21 convened representatives of UNESCO’s Water Family from the International Hydrological Programme (IHP), World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP), UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, water centres, and water chairs to discuss water and climate related issues and solutions. UNESCO's Chair/INWEB Coordinator Em. Prof. J. Ganoulis and General Secretary Dr. Ch. Skoulikaris participated in UNESCO's celebration. 

Eight sessions at the UNESCO Pavilion focused on specific water-related themes to address climate change including groundwater, water at schools, data tools and methodologies, water quality, transboundary water governance, capacity development, and cooperation. 

On this occasion, eight distinct sessions were organized on water security and climate change at the UNESCO Pavilion in the Climate Generation Area, in Paris-Le Bourget, France.