1st International and the 4th National Congress on Recycling of Organic Wastes in Agriculture, Apr 2012 Print

26th-27th April 2012, Isfahan, Iran

UNESCO Chair INWEB coordinator, Prof. J. Ganoulis, presented a paper on “Risk analysis of wastewater reuse in agriculture” at the 1st International and the 4th National Congress on “Recycling of Organic Wastes  in Agriculture,” held at the Islamic Azad University ( IAU ), Khorasgan branch (Isfahan, Iran) from 26th– 27th April 2012.

Topics covered included:

Waste reuse in agriculture
•    Waste water reuse in agriculture
•    Consideration of farms and organic waste utilization in animals and poultry nutrition
•    Recycling and usage of agricultural waste and other organic waste
•    Methods of quality improvement and optimization of process, leachate and waste water treatment
•    Increasing public awareness about recycling, reuse , reduction of domestic and organic waste
•    Industrial food waste utilization in agriculture


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