3rd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Predictions for Hydrology, Ecology, and Water Resources: Water Resources and Changing Global Environment, Sep 2012 Print

24-27 September 2012, Vienna, Austria,

HydroPredict2012 is a follow-up to the successful conference HydroPredict2010 held in Prague 20-23 September 2010 . However, while HydroPredict2010’s primary aim was to consider how to discriminate among impacts originating from climate change and impacts caused by direct human interventions � such as deforestatiion, overexploitation of groundwater resources, land development, water abstraction from rivers and urbanization – the focus of HydroPredict2012 is on the water resources in the changing global environment.


The objectives of HydroPredict2012 conference are:

(i)  to present tools and methods which assist in assessing and discriminating between human and climate change induced impacts on water resources systems;  

(ii)  to discuss the predictive capability of simulation models used for water resources issues, including the model output uncertainty,  

(iii)   to present tools and methods for adaptation to changing global conditions;  

(iv)  to address water management policy to reduce vulnerability and to increase the resilience of water resources systems; and  

(v)  to analyze the role of water resources within the complex social-economic-climatic system. 

The conference will bring together professionals, scientists and members of governmental institutions dealing with water resources management. Representatives of natural, social and engineering sciences will meet together to exchange experience and present the current views on the adaptation and mitigation of adverse effects of global change on water resources systems.

Submission of abstracts until 1st February 2012.

INWEB's coordinator, Prof. J. Ganoulis is a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee.