International Workshop on Post-graduate studies for Civil Engineers in Southeastern Europe, Sep 2011 Print

22nd-23rd September 2011, Thessaloniki, Greece

This is a joint initiative with the Balkan Universities Network (BUN), coordinated by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, which promotes and facilitates cross-border academic and scientific cooperation in the area.

The workshop will focus on post-graduate (PG) courses that follow a first degree (in Civil Engineering), i.e. courses of the MSc type (in the British system), as opposed to MEng courses or the Master part of the Bologna-type engineering courses (3+2 or 2+2). Also within the scope of the workshop are courses and transferable and generic skills offered to PhD candidates at the beginning of their doctoral studies (typically the first year).

The specific objectives of the event include:

  • Critical assessment of the content and structure of PG Civil Engineering courses
  • Exchange of experience and discussion of the problems encountered in organizing such courses
  • Exploration of the possibilities to organize joint PG courses involving several SE European Civil Engineering departments
  • Links of PG courses with the industry, and career perspectives of the students graduating from them

The UNESCO Chair INWEB has been involved in the organisation and dissemination of this event.