6th World Water Forum. Mar 2012 Print

March 2012, Marseille, France


Following the 2nd Stakeholder Meeting of the 6th World Water Forum, held on 17th-18th January 2011 in Paris, the International Forum Committee (IFC) invited UNESCO, through its PCCP Programme (from Potential Conflict to Cooperation Potential), and INBO (the International Network of Basin Organizations), to become respectively the Coordinator and Co-coordinator of the Core Group (CG) for the Priority for Action (PFA) 1.5 ‘Contribute to Cooperation and Peace’.


UNESCO Chair INWEB has been suggested by the Coordinator and Co-coordinator of the CG to become a Target and Solution Group (TSG) coordinator for Target 2, which deals with increasing the number of new agreements and revising/enhancing the quality of existing agreements related to transboundary surface and/or groundwater.