2011 IHES International Symposium Series. UNESCO-IHP Joint HELP/Ecohydrology International Symposium On Restoring and Managing River for Future. Apr 2011. Print

13th-15th April 2011, Daegu Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea


This symposium has been organised by UNESCO IHP HELP Program Secretariat, UNESCO IHP and is supported by UNESCO IHP HELP/Ecohydrology Programmes, and Daegu Metropolitan City, Gyeongbuk Province

The main objective of this symposium is to synthesize river basin knowledge which can facilitate restoration of water quality and ecosystem health through storm water management, floodplain loss reduction, sedimentation and pollution control, improvement of water quality, securing recreation areas, community education and provision of ecosystem services through appropriate cropping systems.


UNESCO Chair INWEB’s coordinator, Prof. J. Ganoulis, will present his work entitled “The Mesta/Nestos HELP River Basin: How Can IWRM Be Implemented Across Borders. “