Workshop and Roundatable on Adaptive Water Governance and Stakeholder Participation in River Basin Management in the Asia-Pacific Region, Mar 2010 Print

25th-27th March, 2010, Chiang Mai, Thailand

This event will bring together participants engaged in promoting, facilitating or studying stakeholder participation and cooperation in river basin management in the Asia-Pacific and with an interest in adaptive water governance. The programme aims to (1) synthesize what is known about the roles of stakeholder participation, coordination and cooperation in river basin management, in particular, for reducing water insecurities (2) explore how meaningful stakeholder participation in river basin management can be achieved to support adaptive water governance; and (3) jointly analyze the governance regime of several river-basins in the Asia-Pacific region using a common assessment framework and identify features which support or hinder adaptive water governance. UNESCO INWEB will contribute experience and lessons learned in water governance from the project CABRI: Cooperation Along a Big River. Institutional coordination among stakeholders for environmental risk management in the Volga basin.