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Sound Management of the Dinaric Karst Transboundary Aquifer System (DiKTAS) PDF Print E-mail

Preservation of aquatic habitats dependent on Dinaric Karst waters. 

(2006-2008) 2 years

Target groups:
Scientists, policy makers, diplomats, public institutions and administrators.

Geographical coverage for partners and participants:
Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, FYR Macedonia (with Slovenia, Italy, Greece).

Intended use of results:
  • reduced environmental stress derived from the disintegrated management of its water and land resources and the means to link these towards the preservation of the unique aquatic habitats that depend on the Dinaric Karst waters.
  • a sound foundation, in terms of political agreements, drawing on scientific hydrogeological analyses, to identify the issues that are significant for Karst aquifers in terms of transboundary impacts
  • a strengthened regional and national capacity to address the risks emanating from transboundary impacts of land use on the Karst Aquifer and to its ecosystems and biodiversity, based on regular data exchange
  • demonstration of the viability of innovative solutions and approaches to manage and mitigate the risks in priority regions where urgent actions are deemed to be necessary.